At Blackborough End Equestrian Centre we hold Courses to improve riding skills and technique,

to increase knowledge of horse care and stable management and to increase knowledge of how to ride and handle horses safely.

Courses we run include BHS Stages 1 & 2 and Ridesafe.


We run these according to demand so if you are interested in doing a particular course please let us know and we will try to set a course up for you.


Information on the full range of training courses and exams can be found on the British Horse Society Website


BHS Stages


The BHS exam system is one of the best and widely respected in the world.


Stage 1 is the first step on the professional ladder and will show you have the competencies to apply basic principles of riding and horse care. 

Stage 2 will provide you with the competencies to apply general principles for the management of horse’s health and well being whilst building on your riding skills.

The PTT teaches you the skills needed for basic coachingin improving the pupils horsemanship skills by following a progressive plan.


To run much of the coaching we have the services of a professional accredited BHS Coach.  She is able to run sign off sessions for BHS Stages 1, 2, 3 and PTT prior to taking exams and can offer guidance and extra coaching if required.


We also offer training and assessment for BHS Progressive Tests 1-6 at senior and junior levels.


Dates of forthcoming events will be publicised on this website.